UTM VM fails to start “qcow2: Image is corrupt; cannot be opened read/write”


After trying to repair a wrong drive, my VM on UTM crashed and failed to start with this message “qcow2: Image is corrupt; cannot be opened read/write”

UTM qemu drive error

By the way here is how to repair CentOS boot drive correctly

The fix

To fix it you will need to check if there are issues with the disk image

qemu-img check ~/Library/Containers/com.utmapp.UTM/Data/Documents/VM_NAME/Images/IMAGE_NAME

Off course replace the VM_NAME and IMAGE_NAME with the values relevant to your system. For example for me it was: ~/Library/Containers/com.utmapp.UTM/Data/Documents/centos.utm/Images/CentOS_7.9.2009_VBM_LinuxVMImages.COM-disk001.qcow2

It will spit you a bunch of possible errors.

Then actually run the fix:

qemu-img check -r all ~/Library/Containers/com.utmapp.UTM/Data/Documents/VM_NAME/Images/IMAGE_NAME

Hope this has helped you to fix the issue with your qcow2 UTM VM.

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