Qwiklabs – GCP Essentials – Creating a Virtual Machine stuck on 10/15 points

I was using Qwiklabs to learn a bit about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and started the GCP Essential quest.
During the 1st lab (Creating a Virtual Machine) I got stuck on 10/15 points, despite the fact that I thought I’ve completed all the steps as required.

What I think went wrong is the step where you need to create the 2nd VM.  The lab says that you can choose any zone for the VM

Being in Sydney, I naturally created it in australia-southeast1-c using the following command from Google Cloud Shell gcloud compute instances create gcelab2 –zone australia-southeast1-c , but when followed all the steps till the end of the lab I noticed that my lab score was still only 10 out of 15.

I quickly deleted the improperly placed VM by running gcloud compute instances delete gcelab2  and re-created it in the suggested zone by running gcloud compute instances create gcelab2 –zone us-central1-c.

Great Success – 15 out of 15 points achieved!!!

3 thoughts on “Qwiklabs – GCP Essentials – Creating a Virtual Machine stuck on 10/15 points”

  1. When I did the lab, I did not have permissions to to create a new instance from a cloud console. Any idea how to get past this? I’ve used up a couple of tokens with no luck.

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