About Ilya Reshetnikov

I am an Enterprise Monitoring and Logging  Solutions Consultant and Architect with vast experience in different tools and methodologies in the above field.

I have helped to successfully implement different Monitoring and Logging solutions around the globe and helped many customers to achieve the desired results. I have experience in designing implementing and maintaining solutions in organizations from the different sectors and industries including Finance and Insurance sector, Mobile and Satellite Communication and TV Broadcasting services, Gaming industries, Defence, Logistics and  Healthcare services.

Currently I am mostly working with Splunk and AppDynamics, but also have a deep knowledge in the HP BTO toolset including HP BSM/OMi and it’s data collectors (SiteScope, RUM, BPM, Diagnostics and others), HP CMS (including DFM and Configuration Manger). I also have  a hands-on experience with HP NNM, HP OM (on different platforms), HP QTP,  Cisco Works, Paessler PRTG, Microsoft SCOM and other monitoring/logging/management/test automation solutions.

About ISbyR

ISbyR was born as a side project with a goal of sharing some of the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years in the field.

Web Presence / Contact

On Twitter @IlyaReshet

GitHub ilyaresh

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For the full list of previous employees and experience take a look at  Ilya Reshetnikov’s LinkedIn profile.

Occasionally contributing over the HP’s Community Knowledge forums. Ilya’s Profile there

For any formal engagements please contact my current employee Epicon IT Solutions.

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