Streamlit Langchain Quickstart App with Azure OpenAI

While there is a QuickStart example on the Streamlit site that shows how to connect to OpenAI using LangChain I thought it would make sense to create Streamlit Langchain Quickstart App with Azure OpenAI.

Please see the notes inside as the code comments

Streamlit Langchain Quickstart App with Azure OpenAI
# Import os to handle environment variables
import os
# Import sreamlit for the UI
import streamlit as st
# Import Azure OpenAI and LangChain
from langchain_openai import AzureChatOpenAI
from langchain_core.messages import HumanMessage
from langchain.callbacks import get_openai_callback

st.title("🦜🔗 ITSM Assistant App")

with st.sidebar:
    os.environ["AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT"] = ""
    # get the Azure OpenAI API key from the input on the left sidebar
    openai_api_key = st.text_input("OpenAI API Key", type="password") 
    os.environ["AZURE_OPENAI_API_KEY"] = openai_api_key
    "[Get an Azure OpenAI API key from 'Keys and Endpoint' in Azure Portal]("

def generate_response(input_text):

    model = AzureChatOpenAI(
    message = HumanMessage(
    with get_openai_callback() as cb:[message]).content) # chat model output # callback output (like cost)

with st.form("my_form"):
    text = st.text_area("Enter text:", "What are 3 key advice for learning how to code?")
    submitted = st.form_submit_button("Submit")
    if not openai_api_key:"Please add your OpenAI API key to continue.")
    elif submitted:

Now. a few notes:

  • Model initiation will need
    • AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT – get if from Azure Portal > Azure OpenAI. Select your service > Keys and Endpoint
    • azure_deployment – Get it from the Azure OpenAI Portal > Deployments (the value under the Deployment Name column)
    • openai_api_version – the easiest way I found is to go to the Azure OpenAI Portal > Playground > Chat > View Code (in the middle top)

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