Nodes Observer

Nodes Observer helps blockchain node operators to monitor the health of the nodes they are running.

Simply collecting OS stats from the servers will not cut for Blockchain Nodes Operators,

They need to be aware of what is happening on their Nodes application-wise as well as be able to align this data with what is happening on the blockchain itself.

Nodes Observer is here to solve this problem.

We combine:

  • Hosts data (be it virtual or physical servers or containers)
  • Blockchain Nodes metrics like the number of processed transactions, inbound/outbound peer connections, jobs in the queue, etc.
  • Blockchain metrics: like ledger size, current transaction throughput, etc,

Node Operators have the option to consume the abovementioned data in a visual format using our real-time dashboards and/or receive alerts via multiple delivery options when thresholds have crossed or use our AI-based Predictive Analytics to get notified beforehand.

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