Sites and Games that teach kids to code

Hi, I have a 7 years old son and wanted to introduce him to coding. So I have started to collect information about Apps, Sites and Games that can teach kids to code or introduce them to coding mindset. Below are the ones that I’ve found. Please help me and others by commenting here or contributing in the GitHub repository and recommending the ones that you are aware of and have used. Continue reading Sites and Games that teach kids to code

Use Gmail with your own domain for free

Well, if you are looking at this post you (1) have your own domain name (Psst! If you don’t, but need one? Try Namecheap), (2) love using Gmail and want to use it as to send and receive email for your domain and (3) prefer not to pay for this. If not the 3rd point you could easily do it using G-Suite (message me if you want to get a 20% discount code for your first year, as a comment here or on Twitter @IlyaReshet), but then you will have to pay $5/month, but fear not, there is a way to use Gmail with your own domain for free.

Update 2020: Here is how to do it with Zoho Mail.
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Is it healthy to…

I went to donate blood recently and if you have not done so yourself recently (or at all) I strongly recommend you doing it.

Just go to to find the closest location to you.

When I came in they said “Hey looks like you have donated blood a lot of times before and currently we have plenty of your blood type in the bank, but would you consider donating plasma today?” I said why not , read some material, signed some forms and proceeded with it.

Later when I came to office (I did the donation 7:30AM on my way there, YES they open this early so there is no excuse not to donate) I decided to google how healthy it is to donate plasma vs regular blood donation.

So I’ve opened a new tab and typed “Is it healthy to” and here is what I’ve got as the suggested searches

Suggested Search results for Australia

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