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Is it healthy to…

I went to donate blood recently and if you have not done so yourself recently (or at all) I strongly recommend you doing it.

Just go to https://www.donateblood.com.au/ to find the closest location to you.

When I came in they said “Hey looks like you have donated blood a lot of times before and currently we have plenty of your blood type in the bank, but would you consider donating plasma today?” I said why not , read some material, signed some forms and proceeded with it.

Later when I came to office (I did the donation 7:30AM on my way there, YES they open this early so there is no excuse not to donate) I decided to google how healthy it is to donate plasma vs regular blood donation.

So I’ve opened a new tab and typed “Is it healthy to” and here is what I’ve got as the suggested searches

Suggested Search results for Australia

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