Samsung Galaxy TabPro S screen dimming settings

I’ve played recently with Samsung Galaxy TabPro S and liked it very much, especially its screen. However one thing was driving me crazy – the auto dimming of the screen.

Setting the dimming timeout in Windows settings

After searching for a while on the internet I’ve found how to change the Galaxy TabPro S screen dimming timeout.
You need to go to Settings – Extras – Galaxy Settings – AMOLED. The maximum timeout you can set there is 10 minutes. You can’t go any more then 10 minutes. This is done to protect your Samsung’s beautiful AMOLED screen from burnouts.

Workaround for manufacturer’s limit

I did find a workaround for that which I use only when I have non-static images (like games/presentations/videos) displayed.

Warning – use it at your own risk, and there is one (or two):

  • You are needing with settings that manufacturer decided to limit.
  • You will be touching Windows registry

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – screen dimming timeout setting can be changed in registry by setting the Interval property under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Samsung\SamsungSettings\DimmingOption

Reverting back

Changing back to one of the values provided my Samsung (1, 5 or 10 minutes) can be done via Settings as described previously, no need to touch Windows Registry.

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy TabPro S screen dimming settings”

  1. Hi
    I am a newbie and very keen to increase the screen time .
    I have got as far as the hot keys but do not know the new values.Please help

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Not sure what you mean by “as far as the hot keys”.
    To edit registry hit Windows+r
    Type “regedit” (without the quotes)
    Then navigate in the menu on the left to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Samsung\SamsungSettings\DimmingOption and edit the “Interval” property.


  3. How do I find the settings and registry entry if my tablet is freshly restored?

    I bought this used and I dont have Samsung extra settings.



    1. Hi Raptor,
      If you tablet was/is freshly restored it should have all the OEM Samsung configs.
      On the other hand if it was re-imaged using non-Samsung OEM build, then (my guess) it will not have Samsung apps
      / settings / registry keys, but on the other hand it also should not have the Samsung dimming feature enabled.

  4. Thnx! Unfortunately the screen for me is still dimming after 2 minutes, despite of setting the timeout to 200000 (maby it is too big?) This is driving me nuts. I want to calibrate the screen, but if it keeps dimming, calibration is impossible

  5. Hello !

    here I am again, I think it works now. Initially I set the timeout to 200,000 minutes. But maybe that large a number causes difficulties. I now set it to 120, and that seems to work! Thnx

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