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How to export attachments from JIRA OnDemand

At one of the customers sites we are using JIRA OnDemand to track our BSM tasks and cost estimates, which we provide for a planned piece of work and these exist in JIRA as Excel files attached to tasks.

As the end of financial year is coming close here in Australia I was asked by my manger to send him these cost estimates for the last financial year. Trying to do it manually one by one from the Web UI for a couple of them made me think that there must be a better way to accomplish that. Google search did bring a few results but they were relevant to on premisses hosted JIRA solution where you had access to the command line.  These didn’t suit me. So after playing around a little I came up with the solution described below. If you have a Linux machine (and a know how) you could probably achieve that in a couple of lines but I only had access to my Windows machine at that time . In addition to a Windows machine  you will need  Notepad++. Continue reading How to export attachments from JIRA OnDemand