Qwiklabs – GCP Essentials – Hello Node Kubernetes – Getting the Kubernetes Dashboard Token

The “Hello Node Kubernetes” lab went up until the point where I was supposed to browse to UI. I was required to provide the Kubernetes Dashboard Token

The lab says to run the gcloud container clusters get-credentials command and then to start the proxy  kubectl proxy --port 8081  after which you should be able to access the Kubernetes Dashboard UI at https://<YOUR_SPECIFIC_URL>.appspot.com/ui,

However, instead of getting the actual UI I was presented with a “Login” screen.

Kubernetes Dashboard Login screen

I am not sure whether I did something wrong or not, but you can overcome this by providing the Token.

In order to get the token open a new Cloud Shell tab and run the following command  cat /home/google244648_student/.kube/config | grep access-token  (of course replace with your user’s home directory)

You will see an output similar to the below

Copy the everything after “access-token: ” and paste it into the Kubernetes UI “Login” screen (don’t forget to select “Token” as the login method)

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